Veronika App Reseller program was designed to ensure you earn money online consistently, in increasing measure and with no charges or hidden costs attached to it.

Expand your customer base without limitation, no start-up capital, no unnecessary expenses and no registration fee.

Resellers are not required to have websites or pay for web pages to carry out their business. We have made our web-app readily available. Sell to your customers just as you would buy for yourself. The process is the same and seamless.

As a reseller, you are required to pay in a minimum of ₦4,850.00 which will credited to your wallet as ₦5,000.00.

For bills payment such as Electricity and Cable TV, you are entitled a 50% of the charge (N100) for each transaction.

With our well designed package, we’ve made it possible for you to eat your cake and also have it as your fund and profit (or commission) are within your control.

No website required, no initial fees required, no in-between charges. Simply buy at cost price and sell at selling price.

To get started, register on our website/app (if you don’t yet have an account), then send us a Whatsapp message on +2348104653722.

Alternatively, you can send an email to

Take advantage of this opportunity and start at absolutely no cost.